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How we take Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) seriously
The Stadshotel Woerden and Van Rossum contribute to promoting socially responsible business practices (CSR) in the hospitality sector. That is why, since the very start, Social Corporate Responsibility has been an integral part of our total hospitality concept. At the Stadshotel Woerden and Van Rossum bar, restaurant and tasting shop, Corporate Social Responsibility is prioritised. We pursue an environmentally friendly purchasing policy that stimulates the market to adopt a more innovation-oriented and sustainable approach to purchasing. We do this by making every purchase a deliberate one, scrutinising the entire product life cycle from start to finish, and considering possibilities to purchase fair trade, eco-certified and/or regional products. In making purchasing decisions, we consider the impact on the environment and people. We examine every product and service individually, as a result of which our choice of suppliers and products is based on what is best for the community and the environment. In this way, we integrate CSR into our business operations.

CSR policy

As part of our CSR policy to make our local community a healthier and better place to live and work, we purchase products and materials that are certified with an environmental label or that are fair trade, recyclable, organically certified, energy efficient or of local origin. We try to limit our waste as much as possible by using biodegradable materials and separating and sorting our waste. We select suppliers with a sustainability policy who deliver sustainable goods.

Social responsibility

The hospitality sector plays an important social role. In addition to sustainable business practices, the Stadshotel Woerden and Van Rossum promote interaction between people. We continuously consider how we can contribute to a healthy community. We view this as an opportunity. Like increasingly more food service and hotel establishments, many of our socially responsible business practices are food-related and pertain to origin, safety and health factors. That is also why we have invested in a total concept that includes a tasting shop. This shop sells fresh regional products, some of which come from our own vegetable garden and all of which are products with a transparent and traceable origin.


The goal of our CSR policy is to develop guidelines that stimulate the purchasing of sustainable products and services without compromising on company performance. In purchasing products, we always consider long-term savings, not short-term cost savings. We recognise that waste can be reduced by using recyclable products and biodegradable and recyclable materials. By buying organic products, we contribute to creating a pesticide-free world and by buying regional products, help reduce CO2 emissions caused by transport. To support this initiative, our company asks all suppliers, as an integral part of the purchasing process, to inform us if an alternative product is available in the market that is fair trade or eco-certified.