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Biking in the Green Heart of Holland

The Green Heart of Holland is home to polder landscapes, various bodies of water, picturesque Dutch cities, villages, farms and the Hollandse Plassen (lakes). The area is a biking paradise with lots of hidden sites to discover.

Cycling network system

The Green Heart of Holland can be explored along the cycling network system. This network consists of various numbered routes. There is an information panel at every junction that shows a map of all junctions. There are also TOPs (Toeristische Overstap Punten, junctions where various types of routes converge) along the network. Information panels with information on sites of interest in the area are also posted along the routes. This information lets you discover the best spots in the region.

Bicycle rentals

You can also rent a bike from the Stadshotel Woerden & Van Rossum. The route descriptions in the booklet show you the way. Of course, you can always plot out your own route if you prefer. We offer both standard bikes and electric bikes. Contact the reception to inquire about the options.


Various biking routes start in Woerden. One route takes you to the nearby village of Kamerik, which can be reached by bike from the Stadshotel in around fifteen minutes. The route covers around 5 km. You bike along the pasturelands until you reach the small village. While biking to Kamerik from Woerden, you pass the De Boerinn and other farms. Once in Kamerik, you can relax at an outdoor café along the water. From Kamerik, you can continue biking along the water to the village of Kanis. In the spring, everything is in bloom, the trees are green once more and you can enjoy the sight of lots of little lambs in the pastures.

Woerdense Verlaat

Woerdense Verlaat can be reached by bike in two ways. The fastest route is via Kamerik, although you can also bike there from Woerden via Zegveld and Nieuwkoop. Woerdense Verlaat borders on the Nieuwkoopse Plassen (lakes). When biking to Woerdense Verlaat, this route takes you along pasturelands, water, a number of farms and outdoor cafés.

Nieuwkoopse Plassen

You can easily bike to the Nieuwkoopse Plassen (lakes) from Woerden. The fastest route is via Zegveld. It takes around an hour to bike to the Nieuwkoopse Plassen (around 14.2 km). Once you arrive at the lakes, you can take a refreshing dip in the water, sit at an outdoor café and enjoy lots of activities like canoeing, walking, an electric boat tour with breakfast, and lots more! It is highly recommended to bike over to the visitor’s centre for more information on activities in the area.


Also highly recommended is a bike tour to Oudewater. The fastest route is along the playing fields and farm road that leads to the town. It takes around 20 to 25 minutes to bike from the Stadshotel to Oudewater, covering a distance of around 8.8 km. You can also bike there via Montfoort and Linschoten. This route takes a little longer, but is a lovely route to take. There are various activities to enjoy and sites to see in Oudewater, including the popular De Heksenwaag (Witches’ Weighing House) museum!


Biking from Woerden to Haarzuilens and the Castle De Haar is a great idea on a sunny day! The fastest route to Castle De Haar takes around 30 to 40 minutes and covers 9.4 km. This is a lovely route for biking. From Woerden you can bike to Haarzuilens via Harmelen and Vleuten-De Meern.

Reeuwijkse Plassen (lakes)

The Reeuwijkse Plassen are thirteen lakes located between Bodengraven and Gouda east of the village of Reeuwijk. You can bike to the Reeuwijkse Plassen from Woerden via Bodegraven, covering around 15 km. It takes around an hour to bike there. The Reeuwijkse Plassen is a fantastic biking area with picturesque bike paths along the lakes. You will come across quite a few inviting cafés and restaurants around the lakes for taking a break and enjoying a bite to eat or something to drink.