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Molen De Windhond – Woerden

The Windhond windmill is a distinguishing and important historic feature of the city of Woerden. This round stone mill was built in 1755. Today, the windmill is well maintained and a prominent feature of the townscape. It is located on a mill hill (molenberg) that was originally part of a bastion and town ramparts of Woerden in the past. The Windhond has a radius of 25.2 metres. The windmill was restored in 1984 and is still used as a flour mill. The flour produced at the windmill can once again be purchased at the weekly local market. The interior of the windmill remains largely untouched. The last miller (for the time being) lived in the home beneath the mill until October 2011.

Opening hours:
Wednesday from 2 pm to 4 pm, Saturday from 10:30 am to 4 pm,

Wilhelminaweg 1, 3447 GR Woerden.

The miller is usually on hand during these hours, when the mill is also in operation. A guide from the guild is also available and happy to tell you all the details about the history of the Windhond windmill. Various flour products are also for sale in the windmill.