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De Heksenwaag (Witches’ Weighing House)

Visitors from around the world have been coming to the Heksenwaag in Oudewater for around a hundred years, where they step onto the scale to be weighed and receive a certificate afterwards. The weighing house was established in the 16th century. This concerned a matter of life and death during a time when people were accused of sorcery and burnt at the stake. Emperor Charles V gave Oudewater the privilege of being the only place in Europe for an honest weighing process. No one was ever found guilty of being a witch here. Children’s parties and business events can be held at De Heksenwaag. Those looking for a unique ambiance can rent the De Heksenwaag for meetings, children’s parties and group events. A ‘children’s open house party’ is organised the last Saturday of every month from 1 pm to 4 pm. No reservations required. The admission price for children and adults is €5.00 per person.

Opening hours of De Heksenwaag in Oudewater:
1 April to 1 November
o Daily from 11 am to 5 pm
o Closed Mondays

1 November to 1 April
o Friday to Sunday from 1 am to 5 pm

For more information, visit the website www.heksenwaag.nl.

Address: Leeuweringerstraat 2, 3421 AC Oudewater