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Walking tours of the Green Heart of Holland

Historic walking tour of the heart of Woerden

If you’re spending some time in Woerden and would like to see more of the city, you can take a historic walking tour through picturesque Woerden. Visit the old mansions in the harbour area built between 1867 and 1870. The first house in the row is called Alpha and the last one Omega. Also recommended is a stroll along Rijnstraat. The Oude Rijn River still flowed here until 1961 and could be reached by alleyways leading downwards to the left and right. From Rijnstraat it is only a short walk to Woerden Castle, which is definitely worth seeing! After visiting the castle, you can walk towards the ‘De Windhond’ windmill, a round stone mill built in 1755. The windmill is well maintained and a prominent feature of the townscape. The windmill is open to visitors on Wednesdays from 2 pm to 4 pm and Saturdays from 10:30 am to 4 pm. Another site worth visiting is the Stadsmuseum (City Museum) of Woerden, located close to the church square bordering the hotel. The City Museum is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. After enjoying a cultural tour of the city, you can spend some time visiting local shops or walking towards the renovated church square (bordering the Stadshotel), where you can take a seat and enjoy something to eat or drink at an outdoor café.

Grecht route in Woerden

This walk takes you not only through Woerden, but shows you a completely different side of Woerden. You walk straight across the pond-filled Bredius Park and then through the polder. A small section of the route is on unpaved trails, as it takes you across the pastureland. This route starts at the railway station. From the front of the station, walk directly towards the bridge at the Wilhelminaschool and then turn right and walk towards Bredius Park. Cross the park and then take a left towards (Fort) Kruipin, where you cross the road and walk towards the Grecht watercourse. Cross the bridge over the water. Now take a right and walk towards Stationsstraat along the water (which is on your right). After reaching the end of the path, you will see the station on your left. Continue walking straight ahead towards the centre, which will take you back to the Stadshotel.

Walking tour of Kamerik

If you’d like to explore the area outside of Woerden, you can take a lovely walking tour of Kamerik. Take bus route 123 (to Mijdrecht) from Woerden and get off at the Oortjespad stop. Of course, you can also walk or bike to Kamerik if you prefer! The starting point for this walk is TOP Oortjespad (junction where various types of routes converge). You will see an orange sign in the shape of a wooden clog. The route is signposted in two directions, so you can walk to either the left or right. If you take the Oortjespad, we recommend stopping at Kameryck, where you can relax at an outdoor café and take a short break. If you have young children with you, stop at the Oortjespad recreational area, where there is lots to experience, including a children’s farm. You can decide to extend or shorten your walk as you go along. Various options are shown on the map and signposted along the way. The route is closed during the breeding season between 15 March and 15 June. Dogs are not allowed on the private sections of the Klompenpad route in order to avoid disturbing livestock and wildlife. This is also indicated on signs posted at the border of the private grounds.

Walking tour of Oudewater

A walk through the old fortified town of Oudewater lets you enjoy a rich collection of beautiful historic buildings. You can go on your own walking tour of Oudewater or join a guided one with an experienced guide familiar with the unique history of the town. You can reserve a walking tour or group programme at the Tourist Information office. The walk starts at the Tourist Information office in Oudewater and ends at the Oudewater market. You can also take bus route 505 from the railway station and get off at the Centrum-Noord stop in Oudewater. For more information, contact the Tourist Information office in Oudewater.

Snelrewaarde route in Oudewater

This walk takes you east of the old fortified town of Oudewater, with its picturesque centre. The starting point for this walk is Waardsedijk (dike) above the Oudewater football club. You can also take bus route 505 to IJsselstein Binnenstad (city centre) from the south side of the Woerden railway station and get off at the Cosijnbrug stop in Oudewater. From the bus stop, it is only a 5 minute walk to the starting point of the route. In the 18th century, Oudewater was part of the Hollandse Waterlinie (Hollandic Water Line). Remains of the wall can still be seen. This route takes you along the lovely river landscape of the Hollandse IJssel and the Lange Linschoten and through the open peatlands of the polders. Along the way, you will see old farmsteads like the ‘Water Snood’ from the Herman de Man novel Het wassende water. For more information, contact the Tourist Information office in Oudewater.