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Van Rossum bar, restaurant

‘the place to be’

The Van Rossum bar, restaurant and tasting shop is ‘the place to be’ for miles around. This restaurant in Woerden guarantees a unique experience.

As Driekus Van Rossum says, “The only place in town”. Woerden has always been closely linked with the surrounding Green Heart of Holland. This natural connection forms the basis for our food concept. ‘Products from the polder, so you know what you’re eating’ and ‘locally grown ingredients are fresher and tastier’. The place to be for all those who love a warm setting, regional products and culinary delights.

Driekus Van Rossum

The medieval town of Woerden is located in the Green Heart of Holland. In the centre of this former fortified city is a distinctive historic building, the Arsenaal (arsenal) from 1762. This traditional building is where Van Rossum has established the Stadshotel Woerden with bar, restaurant and tasting shop. His passion for regional products is expressed in a unique manner in this restaurant in Woerden.

Driekus Van Rossum feels strongly about the personal touch, good conversation and a fully decked table. That is also why he devotes considerable attention to the ambiance of the venue where all of his guests meet from near and far. His bar, restaurant and tasting shop is a genuine pleasure for all the senses. The interior is inviting and elegant. It’s like sitting in the drawing room, dining room and kitchen all at once. Here you will find all walks of life. Van Rossum gives you the room and opportunity to relax and feel at home. Driekus Van Rossum is the personification of a warm welcome, an inviting atmosphere and generous hospitality.

Van Rossum bar
Van Rossum tasting shop